Avvonue is for…

People who see that the real estate industry is rapidly changing and want to stay ahead of the curve.

People who want the opportunity to listen to those who are at the forefront of change. 

People who want to learn, grow and better position themselves or their organization for an uncertain future.

And people whose lives will be affected by the fundamental change that we all know is coming. 

Why a podcast?

Quite simply, because there is so much change going on in real estate and the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the stories of those that are at the forefront of that change is super interesting to me.  Whether there are 3, 300 or 3000 folks who also find this interesting and want to tune in is not important.  For me, the important thing is to offer up authentic conversations that makes us think about what is and what may be. 

I hope you consider joining me on this journey. 


Listen in as industry executive Russ Cofano interviews leaders who are changing the real estate industry.  No infomercials. No industry political agenda. Just authentic conversations with interesting people that will provide you an understanding of the changes happening right in front of you.  

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